Privacy Policy

Security Blanket.Here at BEETLENESS we’re just VW fans like you. We don’t store your data other than your name and address for your order(s), period. We could, but we don’t. So even if Zuckerberg’s META or the CEO of Volkswagen AG asked us nicely to see your data, we wouldn’t have anything to show them.

That’s why, with BEETLENESS, what happens on your computer stays on your computer. No Computer Analysis here.

Having said that we love to have an idea where you are all from and do use Google Analytics to show us how we are doing. To do this we embrace, like all other websites, the use of ‘cookies’. But this only to make our website a happier place for you. We would be very lazy if we didn’t. Our cookie policy is HERE.

When you email us we don’t store your messages.

So feel snug and secure in all our pages. You haven’t been covered like this since your mother tucked you in at night.