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BEETLENESS just reinvented the bonnet protector. Existing covers on the market are made from heavyweight vinyl (faux leather) which is non-breathable and allows moisture and grit to build up underneath leading to corrosion. They need removing weekly. Some will utilise a fleece liner to try to protect paintwork however this just makes the situation worse soaking up even more rainwater and grit. All this was a common complaint in the ’70s and still is.

So, the challenge was to produce a strong, mediumweight, smooth surfaced cover; design it so rainwater drains through it and at the same time breathes out any residual moisture. Contemporary outdoor polyester has all those qualities — plus crucially also tough, durable, flexible; offers good UV protection (UPF 30+) and is resilient to oil, grease and abrasion. Then there is the fine woven thread of polyester meaning it has a higher thread count for its weight compared to other fabrics giving it good impact strength. It’s used in the kind of gear Reinhold Messner might climb mountains with. So, you see now we’ve got you covered all ways.

Think of these as a high fashion and very practical sportswear ‘hoodie’ for your pride and joy.

Form fitted to your bonnet and attaches and removes quickly with the supplied and designed to last tension cords and hooks. Fits all Standard Beetles model year ’68 on.

Three optional designs available — plain black, or with the Formula Vee logo or the Wolfsburg City Crest both printed direct onto the cover fabric. Each will add a sporty, distinctive look to your vehicle. An all UK product.

Volkswagen offered a Checkered bonnet/hood cover/bib via their Dealerships from 1968 as well as a plain Silver Grey. Aftermarket supplier Pacific-Italia out of Portland, Oregon also offered a check one as well as a plain, in either white or black, each with a stripe and branded as Formula Vee. They were available at least up until 1975. European supplier Kamei also had one in their list throughout the ’70s available in red, black, teak(!), as well as checkered.

I would particularly like to thank Julie Last Edition BeetleKinley, Darren Formula Vee Beetle Smith and Craig Parr at The Fashion Box, London for their invaluable assistance during the development of this product.

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Bonnet/hood protectors in water-resistant/breathable outdoor mediumweight polyester for Standard Beetles model year ’68 on. Each cover is form fitted to your bonnet and is designed to allow rain water to drain through. All fittings included.

We do not recommend leaving this as a permanent fitting to your Beetle. Our protector fabric is deliberately chosen because it is breathable which helps prevent moisture build up. However some damp as well as grit can still occur between the cover and your paintwork, so we do encourage you as part of your regular maintenance to remove it for cleaning. Use a vacuum to clean out any dirt and dust and regular household products, such as baking soda and vinegar with warm water can be used to remove any staining. If necessary use a soft bristle brush .

Do not use the protector if your vehicle’s paint is less than six months old.